Add-ons Accessories Parts and more

  • Outdoor Dinningware by Merritt International.


    Outdoor dinnerware brings indoor tabletop style outside. We offer several lines of dinnerware sets and table decor to enjoy dining with friends and family.

  • Lazy Susan by Jensen Leisure

    Table Accessories

    Many of the collections we carry have extraordinary add-ons such as the lines of lazy susan's made out of the same materials as your collection. Have a fire pit? many fire pits come with attachments to server as protective screens, lazy susan's and table extensions.

  • Deck Boxes, Tea Carts, Racks, Benches and more...

    Deck Boxes & Carts

    Storage can be at a premium in many outdoor spaces. Easily store outdoor cushions, pool supplies & more in high quality teak storage boxes. We also carry a line of tea carts from small to large. All products backed by the best manufacturer warranties.

  • Serenata Lights and stereo by Treasure Garden

    Umbrella Accessories

    The outdoor umbrella and cantilever is more than just a shademaker - add extra lights, a radio, portable music player or more to enhance it's versatility.

  • Replacement Parts for Umbrellas, Furniture, Pavilions and more

    Replacement Parts

    Many of the collections we carry last a long time but from time to time, you may find the need to replace a bolt here, an umbrella rib there. We carry many replacement parts in stock and can order specific parts for your actual collection.

  • Cleaning & Protection

    Cleaning & Protection

    Many of the collections we carry can be cleaned with off the shelf mild cleansers, however, we do offer several specialty cleaning and protection products. Ipé and Teak woods require sealant and cleaners. Stone tops can be sealed to extend the surface beauty, furniture frames and slings can be protected with U/V blocking protectants.