From VISION to REALITY, Outdoor kitchens by California Patio are an integral part of any backyard design. The Outdoor Kitchen plan is as important as all the other components going into the project. It’s all about bringing the inside out and customizing your outdoor kitchen designs, built in BBQ grills, burners, doors and drawers, fireplaces, fire pits and more.

Outdoor Kitchen blueprint

Make Your Vision & Dream a Reality!

Outdoor BBQ Island

Materials & Construction

Heavy Gage, 316L Marine-Grade, Weather Resistant - All Designed to Stand up to the Elements

Highest Quality, Attention to Detail

From the Stainless Steel frames to the top of the line counter tops and tiles, there are no limits to your choices, only your imagination!

Cooking Components

Grills, Ovens, Burners & Cook Tops - Get the Right Components to Compliment your Style!

When Only the Best will do!

We carry the best in the industry – from Twin Eagles, Delta Heat, FireMagic, AOG, EVO and Summerset

Outdoor Refrigeration

Outdoor Refrigerators, Beverage Dispensers, Ice Makers, Coolers, Chillers & More

Keeping everything cool at your finger tips!

Move the party outside with built in refrigeration components. Everything at your finger tips!

Other Components

Do you need a Sink, a Pizza Oven? Flat Top Grill or a Double Burner?

Must have Accessories & Specialty Items

Beyond the grill station, you can have your choice of high-end accessories and specialty items – all built for the outdoors!

Outdoor kitchens are a smart home improvement investment according to a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders. It’s been found that outdoor kitchens add value to the home and can recover up to 110% – 130% of the improvement cost at resale.

Standard Configurations

Custom Configurations


Standard Configurations

Get inspired by our Standard Islands

Standard Sizes and Shapes

Pre-made Configurations offer a cost effective approach to adding an island to your patio; pre-designed configuration make it easy to complete your project with your own components.

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Custom Configurations

Custom designs based on your spaces and requirements.

Design it your Way!

Let us help you plan and envision an outdoor kitchen customized to fit your space and based on your parameters. Choose your own materials, accessories and design features not available in Pre-made options. Its time to complete your Outdoor Oasis.

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Functionality is key and California Patio will help you create a design that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations…

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