Another exquisite build, another happy customer! A new Southern Highlands customer is going to be enjoying their new custom fire pit we dubbed, “Fire & Ice”. Sometimes a pre-built fire pit will do the job, (we sell many mass produced fire pits with many options)  but this customer wanted to have something unique that stood out different from the rest. Constructed of a heavy gauge, welded galvanized steel frame, Perma-base flex exterior concrete structure board that is fire resistant, mold resistant, and retains less than 3% moisture. All exterior finishes from DalTile Las Vegas provided that perfect high end luxury look. Finally topped with two different porcelain tops – this fire pit will surely turn heads and stand the test of time. The burner insert from (The Outdoor Plus) is the (12×60 bullet burner w/ a bottom stainless steel plate) and topped with (1/4″ black lave rock) and is rated at 210,000 BTU’s. To finish off the design are colored LED lights under the first tier to create that floating fire effect and perfect ambiance.