Infinity X2 Black XL Kamado Grill


Grill Domes Infinity Series is the ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE outdoor cooker. You can smoke, bbq, bake, grill and sear all on the Infinity Series Kamado Grill. The Infinity Series allows you to cook anywhere from 200 degrees to 750 degrees plus. (25″/22″) – Brilliant Black Kamado with Domemobile and Sideshelves

Cooking Surface Area

Level 1: 256 sq. in.
With Level 2: 512 sq in.
with Level 3: 760+ sq. in.
Kamado Heat Range: 175°F – 750°F


Control @ your Finger Tips

Easily control Heat and Smoke with the exclusive DialTop and DialDoor damper system. Use the graduated dampers to quickly learn how to control heat and smoke settings. Set the DialDoor precisely to an enumerated setting to adjust airflow to the fire. Increase the setting to add airflow and raise heat levels and damper down the setting to choke the fire to bring down the temperature.

Retain that Heat!

The ceramic construction is one of key secrets to the juiciness of foods cooked in a kamado vessel. The round shape cooks from every direction and the thick ceramic walls hold the heat in circulating it back on to the food. Thicker ceramics will yield better thermal efficiency and more consistent results.

Featherlite Hinge

Experience the amazing Featherlite Hinge that counters the weight of the heavy lid with two powerful springs. The compact and advanced hinge design packs a big punch and allows you to lift the lid with just a few fingers feeling sturdy and consistent every time.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Grill Dome was the first company to develop ceramics that were durable enough for high temperature cooking. The fit and finish on the Infinity Series is unmatched, which is why Grill Dome offers a 5 year warranty on gaskets, lifetime warranty on ceramics against cracking and a lifetime warranty on hinges against rusting.


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