Bar & Counter Height Stools

Bar & Counter Height Stools2017-11-27T12:58:04+00:00

Bar & Counter Height Stools offer an alternative to the traditional dining collections. Offered in both counter and bar heights up to 41″ in some cases, this will be the hit of your next party. Add these to your existing bar or accent with any number of tables or cushions. Perfect for decks, patios, pool areas and existing built-in islands.

  • Montecito Bar Stool
    Montecito Bar & Counter Height Stool
  • Laguna-Bar stool
    Laguna Bar & Counter Stool
  • tropitone-shoreline-swivel-bar-stool
    Shoreline Sling Swivel Barstool
  • tropitone-veer-barstool
    Veer Sling Barstool
  • tropitone-corsica-barstool
    Corsica Sling Swivel Barstool
  • Manhattan-Bar stool
    Manhattan Bar & Counter Stool
  • tropitone-southbeach-barstool
    South Beach Sling Barstool
  • LaJolla-Bar stool
    La Jolla Swivel Bar & Counter Stool
  • SYM-barstool
    SYM Bar Stool
  • tropitone-kenzo-barstool
    Kenzo Sling Swivel Barstool
  • coronado-bar stool
    Coronado Bar & Counter Height Stool