Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
When is your next Sales Event?

Customers often inquire about our upcoming sales events. Over the years, we’ve established a reputation for providing exceptional value, excellent customer service, and some of the lowest prices in the market. While we host annual sales on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, it’s important to note that these events primarily serve to clear out older inventory, making room for the latest collections. Our Everyday Low Price remains consistent throughout the year. Whether you’re shopping at the 4th of July Tent Sale or our showroom in mid-October, you can trust that the pricing will remain the same, with the exception of any clearance items, which always offer great value!

What is the best method to clean my furniture?

Check out our Care & Maintenance page for a detailed gouge on cleaning and maintenance

I live in a sun-predominate area and my furniture is exposed to high temperatures. Will my furniture be too hot to use and what material is recommended?

While this may seem like a simple question, with the sun predominate virtually year round in Southern California, this can be an unintended issue. Aluminum, steel and iron furniture can become hot to the touch and prior to use, you can remove the cushions and run a hose to cool the frames off. There is not a one sized-fits all application when it comes to furniture and temperatures. All of the furniture collections we carry are designed to take the elements and the material for your collection is entirely up to you.

My furniture is ok, but my cushions are ripped, faded or in disarray. Do you offer replacement cushions?

Yes, depending on your furniture collection, we can obtain direct replacements from the manufacturer designed to fit your furniture or we can have them custom made using your old cushions or slings as templates. Direct Replacements from the manufacture may be a more expensive option and in some cases may not be doable due to discontinued collections, fabrics or redesigns. In that case its best to bring in your older cushions and slings and choose from a variety of fabric grades, colors and patterns to ensure you get what you want and it will fit properly. Contact any one of our sales associates for more details.

Typically, how long will my sling furniture last?

Depending on the length of exposure to direct sun, regularly cleaned sling furniture will last between 4-6 years with everyday use. We have had some customers return and informed us their sling furniture has lasted even longer. The time depends on many factors such as the amount of use, direct sun, exposure to rain, lack of maintenance, spills, sun lotions and impacts which can cause the material to stretch and rip. However, the good news is slings are easy to replace and can be custom made with your choice of sling material or replaced with manufacturer provided slings.

Can I keep my furniture exposed year round?

Yes, all the furniture collections we carry are engineered to withstand what Mother Nature can dish out. The finishes and fabrics are designed to withstand the elements uncovered, however, we do recommend adding a regular Care & Maintenance routine and protective covers to extend the longevity of your furniture. Additionally with the Southern California wind events, it is recommended that umbrellas are lowers and furniture secured from the wind. Note: wind damage is not covered under manufacturer warranties

What is the difference in fabric grades?

Given the extensive array of styles and colors available, it’s understandable that misconceptions may arise regarding the various grades and their associated durability. It’s important to note that a lower grade does not equate to lower quality. At California Patio, we prefer Sunbrella™ Brand fabrics for our products due to its exceptional durability and longevity across all grades.

Our fabric choices, categorized into grades A, B, C,D, E… by each manufacturer, vary based on factors such as materials, patterns, and durability. For a detailed explanation of these grades and other relevant information, we encourage you to refer to our Materials Guide or contact your nearest showroom.

How durable is Sunbrella® fabric and how long will it last?

One of the main reasons we choose Sunbrella® as the main provider of fabrics for California Patio is due to its dependability and durability. If well maintained and kept clean, Sunbrella® fabrics can last a very long time with very minimal fading. Their fabrics are engineered to not promote the growth of mold and mildew, however if cushions are left dirty, overtime these micro-organisms.

Do you work with Designers & Contractors?

Yes, we work with many designers and contractors throughout California and can even recommend a few independent Designers & Contractors in your area.

Are the collections on your website or in your showrooms the only ones you carry?

No. We offer collections from over 20 different manufacturers and we are always bringing in more to match the latest trends. What we carry in our showrooms is considered in-stock and can be available within a short period of time. Special orders to take longer but you are free to design your furniture the way you want it.

Why is there little in the way of pricing on your website?

Our website is designed to showcase the best and brightest collections the industry has to offer. Many of our manufacturers have strict policies concerning their respective collections and what can and cannot be shown. We can assure you that you will get the lowest possible price on your purchase.

Does California Patio offer a separate warranty for my purchase?

No. California Patio Stands behind our manufacturers’ products and you purchase is covered under the manufacturer warranty. A copy of specific warranty information can be found on the manufacturer website or one can be provided with your sales receipt. Typically textiles (cushions & slings) have a one year warranty and most frames are covered up to 15 years depending on the manufacturer. You sales associate will provide you with any details applicable to your collection.

When my furniture is delivered, can you haul away my old furniture?

Over the years we have worked to make our white glove delivery process more streamlined and truck space is calculated and at a premium. With the high volume of furniture “haul-aways” and the limited amount of space in our trucks, coupled with the rising fuel prices, we are able to offer a limited removal of outdoor furniture only. With a recent policy change, we are now able to remove your old outdoor furniture for a removal removal service fee.  Please discuss this with your sales representative during your initial sale and ensure its stated on the sales order. Unfortunately we can only pickup and dispose of outdoor furniture and some outdoor accessories such as old umbrellas depending on the space available in the truck. We will not pick up any indoor furniture, mattresses, etc. As a side note, most major refuse companies offer several free large items pickups per year as part of your trash service.

I have a question about my delivery. How can I get help?

For any reason you have a question concerning your order or delivery, feel free to contact our Customer Service department M-F 10Am to 5PM or the sales associate you purchased from for any questions of details. Your sales associate is tracking your order with the manufacturers and is the best source of information.

I purchased furniture and I’m going to be out of town. Can you hold it?

Yes, we can hold your purchases for a short time until you or a representative is able to receive on-site. However, it is advisable to make arrangements as quickly as possible to have your purchase received. We tend to move a lot of inventory throughout the year and the space required to hold your order is valuable space in our warehouse. Your sales associate will make appropriate arrangements for delivery with you depending on your situation.

How quickly can I receive my purchase?

All collections in our showrooms are generally in-stock and can be delivered within 5 days. Your Sales Associate will schedule a convenient delivery time and your purchase will be delivered, unwrapped and positioned. Special orders can take some additional time of between 3-6 weeks depending on the manufacturer and the order detail. Your sales associate will keep you updated of the of approximate delivery time as your furniture is made.

What is Your Return or Exchange Policy?


Merchandise availability is estimated at time of order according to manufacturer lead times. Seller is not responsible for delays in merchandise caused by manufacturer.


Any exchange of a stocking item is subject to seller’s approval and must be completed within 72 hours. This potential exchange is only for item(s) of equal or greater value. No refunds will be given. If exchange is approved, and second delivery is necessary, a subsequent delivery charge will be assessed.


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