Jardinico is a Belgian company that open doors to the perfect exterior by adding unique and exclusive pieces to your garden or terrace. We offer these exquisite collections as another commercial option designed to withstand the elements. A collection designed with an eye for every detail and finished with the greatest care. The perfect sunshade as a finishing touch for any outdoor space.

  • JCP.501 Quad Sidepost Aluminum 10ft Square Umbrella

  • JCP.401 Sidepost Aluminum 13ft Octagon Umbrella

  • JCP.401 Sidepost Aluminum 10ftx14ft Rectangle Umbrella

  • JCP.301 Sidepost Aluminum 11.5ft Square Umbrella

  • JCP.301 Sidepost Aluminum 10ft Square Umbrella

  • JCP.201 CenterPost Aluminum 15ft Octagon Umbrella

  • JCP.101 Sidepost Aluminum 9ft Hexagon Umbrella

  • JCP.101 CenterPost Aluminum 7.5ft Square Umbrella