Protect Your Investment Today!

Safeguard your outdoor furniture investment with our range of Protective Furniture Covers. We offer a wide selection of cover styles designed to fit almost any application, including sectionals, deep seating, chaise lounges, and fire pits. These covers by Treasure Garden are crafted using RhinoWeave® fabric, known for its exceptional durability, breathability, and water resistance. Unlike vinyl alternatives, these covers will not crack or peel, providing reliable protection. Preserve the beauty and functionality of your outdoor furniture with these premium covers, designed to stand the test of time.

Protective Furniture Covers
Protective Furniture Covers
Protective Furniture Covers
Protective Furniture Covers
Protective Furniture Covers
Protective Furniture Covers

Chairs & Chaise Covers

  • CP116 Counter Height Chair Cover

  • CP119L Large Chaise Cover

  • CP119S Small Chaise Cover

  • CP130 Double Chaise Cover

  • CP115 Dining Chair Cover

  • CP117 Bar Height Chair Cover

Umbrella & Cantilever Covers

  • CP955 AG25T Cantilever Style Cover

  • CP901 Umbrella Cover

  • CP910 X-Large Umbrella Cover

  • CP912 AG19A Cantilever Style Cover

  • CP902 Large Umbrella Cover

  • CP908 AG28 Cantilever Style Cover

  • CP920 AKZP Cantilever Style Cover

Deep Seating & Sofa, Loveseat Covers

  • CP723 Sofa Cover

  • CP742 X-Large Loveseat Cover

  • CP733 Large Sofa Cover

  • CP743 X-Large Sofa Cover

  • CP720 Loveseat Cover

  • CP712 Large Lounge Chair Cover

  • CP711 Lounge Chair Cover

  • CP741 X-Large Lounge Chair Cover

  • CP722 Large Loveseat Cover

Dining Table & Chair Covers (Combined)

  • CP699 Large Oval-Rectangle Table & Chairs Cover

  • CP586 Small Oval-Rectangle Table & Chairs Cover

  • CP590 60″ Round-Square Table & Chairs Cover

  • CP531 36″ Round-Square Bistro Table & Chairs Cover

  • CP584 Medium Oval-Rectangle Table & Chairs Cover

  • CP551 48″ Round-Square Table & Chairs Cover

  • CP571 54″ Round-Square Table & Chairs Cover

Modular Furniture (Sectional) Covers

  • CP403 Modular Left End (Right Facing) Cover

  • CP406-C Modular Wedge (Center) Cover

  • CP404 Modular Corner Cover

  • CP401 Modular Right End (Left Facing) Cover

  • CP405 Modular Extension Cover

  • CP406-R Modular Corner Wedge Right End (Left Facing) Cover

  • CP406-L Modular Corner Wedge Left End (Right Facing) Cover

  • CP402 Modular Armless (Middle) Cover

Firepit, Ottoman, Occassional Table Covers

  • CP936 Rectangle Fire Pit-Table-Ottoman Cover

  • CP929 Round Fire Pit-Table-Ottoman Cover

  • CP933 Rectangle Fire Pit-Table-Ottoman Cover

  • CP923 Medium Rectangle Fire Pit-Table-Ottoman Cover

  • CP938 Small Fire Pit-Table-Ottoman Cover

  • CP932 Square Fire Pit-Table-Ottoman Cover

  • CP930 Round Fire Pit-Table-Ottoman Cover

  • CP922 Square Side Table Cover