Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas come in several different sizes and styles depending on your application. Cantilever umbrellas are attractive, eye-catching structures that offer shade and sun protection without a traditional center pole. Designed to provide shade in a way that’s unobstructed, the applications are endless. Use them over your pool to provide some shade while swimming, lounge areas, outdoor dining areas, etc.

  • TG_AKZ-00D_DC11_6658_6415
    11' AKZ Cantilever Octagon
  • TG_AG19SQ-09_4816
    8.5' AG19SQ Cantilever Square
  • TG_AKZRT-09_57000
    10'x13' AKZRT Cantilever Rectangle
  • AG19-00_4811
    10' AG19 Cantilever Octagon
  • AG28-00DV_6433
    11' AG28 Cantilever Octagon
  • TG_AKZ13-09DV_DC9-56107_40434
    13'AKZ Cantilever Octagon