Market Umbrellas

With the Southern California  and Nevada sun predominate year round, our outdoor living spaces have become more than just a place to host a party – they have become an extension of our homes and lives. Having the proper shade elements can lower summertime temperature up to 20 degrees allowing for more enjoyment. The Market Style Umbrellas we carry are manufactured in the US with quality wood or aluminum components and covered with durable Sunbrella® fabric.

  • TG_UM8811RT09_5403
    Crank Lift 8 x 11ft Rectangle Series
  • TG_UMTK-0810RT-5407
    Teak Crank Lift 8 x 10ft Rectangle Series
  • 727umbrella
    7.5' Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrella
  • UM8129_6053_tilt
    Auto Tilt 11ft Octagon Series
  • 789umbrella
    11' Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrella
  • TG_UM8009-6660_tilt
    Collar Tilt 9ft Octagon Series
  • 532tkumbrella
    9' Quad Pulley Lift
  • TG_UM906CK9-4881_tilt
    Push Button tilt 6ft Octagon Series
  • TG_UM8091_7825
    Quad Pulley Lift 9ft Octagon Series
  • TG_UM8810RT00-6453_tilt
    Auto Tilt 8 x 10ft Rectangle Series
  • 737umbrella
    9' Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrella
  • UM9070_4811_tilt
    Push Button tilt 7.5ft Octagon Series
  • TG_UMTK-11DWV_5404
    Teak Crank Lift 11ft Octagon Series
  • TG_UM8010_7861_tilt
    Collar Tilt 11ft Octagon Series
  • 636umbrella
    9' Manual Tilt Umbrella
  • TG_UM8108DR_4881_tilt
    Auto Tilt 9ft Octagon Series
  • TG_UM9209_6648_tilt
    Push Button tilt 9ft Octagon Series