Sunpak® Infrared Outdoor Heaters


Sunpak® heaters are simple to operate and use draft free and highly energy efficient infrared radiant energy just like the sun’s warming rays. These professionally mounted heaters come with either a single stage output, which can be controlled with a standard wall on/off switch or two stage output controlled with a wireless handheld remote or “ON-OFF-HI-LOW” wireless wall control or hardwired with a duplex switch.

*** Installation by a Licensed Contractor Required. See Showroom for More Details.


Sunpak® heaters warm objects rather than trying to inefficiently heat the air. Sunpak® heaters spread quiet warmth to an approximate 12’ area, depending on the height and placement. When properly integrated into a patio design, these heaters can increase the comfort level 5 to 10 degrees. The heating effectiveness will depend on air temperature and wind velocity. Care should be taken to locate heaters in a wind protected environment. Sunpak® heaters have been installed worldwide in thousands of premium residential and discerning commercial installations.

Two Stage Sunpak are recommended for Commercial and Residential installations. Optional Sunpak Front Facia kits come in Stainless, Black, bronze and Gray. Includes mounting kit, 24 volt transformer and duplex control switch. Available in LPG or NG.