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Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas Heater


The Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas Series that is a durable outdoor heater that combines a soft curved design with industry leading technology.

  • Patented direct and Re-ignition system to ensure easy and instantaneous heating solution

  • Versatile mounting and flexible pivot arms for greater positional and directional heat control

  • Wireless capabilities and seamless smart home integration

  • Tungsten 500 Gas – Natural & LPG, 43000 BTU to 215 sqft

  • Tungsten 300 Gas – Natural & LPG, 26000 BTU to 160 sqft

  • Average Estimated Cost of Usage – $0.33 per hour

  • ** Installation by a Licensed Contractor Required. See Showroom for More Details.


Ensuring a reliable start and effective operation of winds up to 8mph, the Smart Heat™ series encompasses a superior high-performance mesh screen that scientifically manipulates infrared to heat up to 106 to 215 sqft. depending on model. The Tungsten Smart Heat™ series provides easy pivot arms which makes it a truly remarkable patio heater.


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