“If you look at the fact that the best chance we have for a good economy is the private sector. The government cannot create jobs. If the government could create jobs, then Communism would have worked, but didn’t work. So what we have to do is allow the private sector and the entrepreneurial spirit to lead us back to a job-filled recovery.”

U.S. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina

Small Business Saturday is typically the Saturday after Thanksgiving; promoted to giving small businesses a chance to compete with the big box stores and franchise chains that dominate the market with reduced prices on goods and services. In a serviced based economy, many might wonder why entrepreneurs get into business in the first place while trying to compete with the likes of Costco and Walmart. Well, the answer is simple – many entrepreneurs feel they can offer something that the big box stores cannot: Better products, more personalized customer service and support and a better return on investment.

As we push into April and full spring is almost upon us, this COVID pause allows us as entrepreneurs to also take a pause, re-evaluate business practices, remedy shortfalls and reestablish good solid business practices to come – all to ensure that when the economy starts to rumble again, we are prepared to up our game and provide the best products and services at the best prices. As with our commitment to American Made products, our commitment to supporting the small businesses who support us is not waivered.

Many of our products manufacturers are also small businesses with a staff to support and families that rely on your commitment to jumpstarting the economy. As a business that started small (really small…) throughout or 39 years in the business we have supported those small businesses along the way and we invite you do the same in the near future. Get out and shop Small – Let’s make every day American Small Business Day!
– California Patio

Alfa Pizza Oven & Kamado Joe Grill