Fire Glass, Pebbles & More

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Looking for a more modern look to your fireplace or firepit? Fire glass is tempered manufactured glass in 1/4″ and 1/2″ fragments used as a medium to retain and direct heat in gas fireplaces and fire pits. Fire glass does not burn, but retains heat and refracts light. Used to accentuate the look of any fireplace or outdoor fire pit and it’s in-stock year round and available in different sizes, shapes and colors!

  • tinted fireglass rainforest green
    Rainforest Green Fireglass
  • recycled fireglass passion red
    Recycled Passion Red Fire Glass
  • metallic fireglass blue lagoon
    Metallic Blue Lagoon Fireglass
  • midnight black pebbles
    Midnight Black Pebbles
  • fireglass pebbles electric green
    Electric Green Pebbles
  • recycled fireglass ponderosa green
    Recycled Ponderosa Sage Fire Glass
  • recycled fireglass paradise blue
    Recycled Paradise Blue Fire Glass
  • fireglass pebbles desert sun
    Desert Sun Pebbles
  • recycled fireglass deep blue sea
    Recycled Deep Blue Sea Fire Glass
  • fireglass pebbles forest green
    Forest Green Pebbles
  • recycled fireglass polar ice
    Recycled Polar Ice Fire Glass
  • fireglass pebbles crystal ice
    Crystal ice Pebbles
  • tinted fireglass royal blue
    Royal Blue Fireglass
  • metallic fireglass gunmetal gray
    Metallic Gun Metal Gray Fire Glass
  • tinted fireglass black onyx
    Onyx Black Fireglass
  • recycled fireglass autumn leaves
    Recycled Autumn Leaves Fire Glass
  • metallic fireglass caribbeanblue
    Metallic Caribbean Blue Fireglass
  • tinted fireglass emerald green
    Emerald Green Fireglass
  • metallic fireglass casino gold
    Metallic Casino Gold Fireglass
  • metallic fireglass chestnut brown
    Metallic Chestnut Brown Fireglass
  • metallic firegass copper penny
    Metallic Copper Penny Fireglass
  • metallic fireglass titainium
    Metallic Titanium Fire Glass
  • fireglass pebbles electric blue
    Electric Blue Pebbles
  • tinted fireglass icy mint
    Icy Mint Fireglass
  • pebblesunkissedorange
    Sunkissed Orange Pebbles
  • recycled fireglass jet black
    Recycled Jet Black Fire Glass
  • tinted fireglass copper
    Copper Fireglass
  • sapphire fireglass pebbles
    Sapphire Pebbles
  • tinted fireglass caribbean blue
    Caribbean Blue / Azuria Fireglass
  • metallic fireglass copper
    Metallic Copper Fireglass
  • metallic fireglass onyx black
    Metallic Black Onyx Fire Glass
  • fire pebbles lemon drop
    Lemon Drop Pebbles
  • recycled fireglass glacier snow
    Recycled Glacier Snow Fire Glass
  • tinted fireglass copper penny
    Copper Penny Fireglass
  • metallic fieglass emerald green
    Metallic Emerald Green Fireglass
  • tinted chestnut bronze fireglass
    Chestnut Bronze Fireglass
  • tinted fireglass crushed ice
    Crushed Ice Fireglass
  • morning coffee pebbles
    Morning Coffee Pebbles
  • metallic fireglass rainforest green
    Metallic Rainforest Green Fire Glass
  • tinted fireglass blue lagoon
    Blue Lagoon Fireglass
  • recycled fireglass ginger crystals
    Recycled Ginger Crystals Fire Glass
  • scarlet red pebbles
    Scarlet Red Pebbles
  • fireglass pebbles blue ice
    Blue Ice Pebbles